Social Phobia Explained

social anxiety disorder - social phobiaSocial Phobia Explained

Feeling anxious before you make a public presentation or speech is quite normal. But, there are those who get anxious easily even at the thought of having to make a public appearance. Such people are usually said to have what we call social phobia, also known as social anxiety disorder.

People suffering from this mental condition are frightened of facing social scenarios and even interacting with strangers. They usually think that people judge them at all times or that they may engage in some very embarrassing scenarios in front of everyone. The anxiety becomes too much that it results in panic attacks, in which case they begin to worry about forthcoming social events, days or even weeks before the date.

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Social anxiety disorder doesn’t have a definite cause, but, certain psychological, environmental and biological factors are thought to cause it. It is claimed that it results from a neurotransmitter imbalance, which transmits information from a single nerve cell to the other in the brain of humans. This mental condition is believed to be a genetic disorder that parents can pass to their children. Social anxiety may also be observed in those who went through an over-protective childhood or maybe a humiliating experience sometime in the past.

Social phobia in children

Children are prone to such disorders due to their surroundings. Studies have shown that most of the cases of anxiety begin around age six and just before age 20. Kids are said to suffer from social anxiety when they have a constant fear of ridicule, humiliation, or being nervous, and self-conscious, particularly in strange cases or when one is being evaluated or watched, that lead to severe repercussions for a kid’s academic and social development. Dismissing it as “child thing” is probably the most stupid thing any caretaker, parent or teacher can do. Untreated anxiety or social phobia leads to psychological complications and in certain critical cases even suicide. Check out our article specifically relating to child anxiety >>>

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The main social anxiety symptom is the avoidance of social situations completely. One begins to make excuses for failing to attend social functions, presenting, or meeting strangers. The mere idea of going to social functions becomes scary and one’s daily routine and life is affected. Certain physical symptoms may also be seen including no eye contact, muscle tension, shivering, diarrhoea, stammering, excessive sweating, shaky hands, and cold among others.

Treatment Options of Social Anxiety Disorder

One should seek help first and then analyze its cause. But the patient, whether adult or child, must get treated with dignity in the entire treatment process, as treatment often last a couple of therapy days.

Cognitive behavior therapy is largely employed in the treatment of social anxiety. This is based on the concept that to change the perception of someone, his/ her belief must be altered or worked on positively, as those in fear of ridicule often have a negative perception concerning themselves, which is the exact aim of therapy. Medical treatment involves the prescription of depression medicines, anxiety drugs and beta blockers.

Here are some tips on how to get over the problem;

– Foster positive thinking, particularly when it comes to accepting one’s mistakes
– Spend some time with friends and family more often
– Join a group of individuals dealing with the disorder.
– Join a group with similar dislikes and likes as you
– Spend time with those who will promote your participation
– Be part of sporting activities and other related activities.
– Take a couple of courses on public speaking
– Calm your mind through meditation, such as yoga as it can be of great help in the control of the mind particularly in social forums
– Try out a couple of natural remedies to help you deal with anxiety
– Don’t be around those who are considered as negative or may be foster negativity; always remember that you are special and the best.

There are no specific techniques to deal with such disorders. The treatment of social anxiety in kids varies from that in adults, since it may be more severe. However, both treatments work on a similar concept. The mind has more power to help in overcoming this disorder. In a case you or any of your family members has this disorder, seek a psychologist help for a fast and full recovery.

Social Phobia – Self Help Treatment

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