specific fears and phobias

When we use the term “specific fears and phobias” we’re not referring to the occasional or temporary worry or concern relating to some specific thing or event. We’re talking about a phobia of a particular sitation or object.

Rather than a temporary worry this is an irrational and overwhelming fear and one which, whilst it may actually represent no real or actual danger, provokes a reaction of extreme, lasting and intense anxiety to the point of avoidance.

The effects, both physical and psychological, can be significant and life restricting / changing. All phobias should therefore be addressed and faced head on! Don’t let specific fears and phobias hold you back or affect your daily life.

specific fears and phobias

A great many of us have specific and often irrational fears and so in this section we’re providing information on many of the most common phobias or well known specific fears.



You only have to look at our list or phobias to see just how many there are … thousands … and the list grows regularly. You can view our Phobia List – simply Click Here >>>.

More and more specific fears are being listed over the coming months so, if your’s isn’t listed right now it may well be soon. Bear in mind though there are literally thousands of specific phobias, some of which are pretty rare and obscure so if you have something of this nature you’d like more information on then contact us and we’ll try to oblige.