Social Anxiety Treatment

Social Anxiety TreatmentSocial Anxiety Treatment typically involves psychological counselling and medication. However, medications are only usually prescribed when counselling alone is not enough to bring down levels of associated anxiety as well as depression.

Combination treatment is best for long-term treatment, addressing fear and generalized anxiety in various social situations. For those who are anxious about only one or just a few kinds of situations, like eating in front of people or public speaking, counselling usually suffices.

Self help treatments and programs should not be overlooked either – there are some excellent resources out there that will help you beat social anxiety in your own time and space.

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Getting started.

Initial social anxiety treatment will be based on how severe a patient’s symptoms are and how much a patient is able to function properly from day to day. Those who are suffering from social anxiety are also usually depressed and may be dealing substance abuse problems as well. Your doctor should be able to determine if you are engaging in substance abuse by asking certain questions. The problem with social anxiety is that the condition commonly goes undetected for a number of years before patients or loved ones seek treatment. During that time, behaviors that accommodate fears may have developed that’s why social anxiety treatment typically involves overcoming these behaviors first in order to be successful with managing social anxiety disorder.

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Getting treated.

Treatment begins after your doctor has determined the specifics of your case, whether or not you are anxious about all kinds of social encounters or just a select few. Combining counselling and medications is usually the best way to go for generalized anxiety disorder and may be required throughout a patient’s life. Some patients though do good work with just counselling and happen to completely recover after a certain period of time. If you feel like you are not getting any better or you think you’re getting worse, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about it so your social anxiety treatment can be tweaked accordingly. Some of the commonly used medications for treating social anxiety include: selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (usually first option); benzodiazepines (not ideal for those with substance abuse problems); monoamine oxidase inhibitors (relieves depression too); beta-blockers (treats physical symptoms); and venlafaxine (relieves depression and anxiety).

Some things to keep in mind.

It is normal to feel even more anxious when you’ve just started out with your counselling sessions because you are being made to confront the very situations that make you anxious and afraid. After these situations are identified, your counsellor will then move on to addressing the anxiety and fear you feel with the situation. Exposure therapy is a common social anxiety treatment that gradually exposes you to the situation you fear. They do say the best cure is to face your fears, isn’t it? If you have been prescribed medications, make sure that you have regular check-ups scheduled, most especially if you are using selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. Side effects can be bothersome so regular check-ups can curb them by allowing your doctor to manage your doses to comfortable levels. Also, if you’re not getting better with one kind of medication, regular check-ups will allow your doctor to catch this earlier so you can switch medications at the soonest time possible.

Self Help Treatment For Social Anxiety

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