Cure Fears And Phobias Using Hypnosis

  For as long as we care to remember hypnosis has had pretty mixed press so before you navigate away from this article we urge you to read on a little way with an open mind as you can cure fears and phobias using hypnosis and it may just change your life! If you don’t know much about any subject it’s completely natural to be sceptical and that’s certainly true […] Read more »

Unusual Phobias

Top Ten Weirdest Phobias

Strange And Unusual Phobias Phobias can be described simply as irrational fears towards certain objects or situations. Phobias usually seem like foolish fears to many people, but they are deeply disturbing to the people who suffer from them and could be considerably hard to treat. Some symptoms that pervade across all forms of phobia include palpitations, sweating, a smothering sensation, dizziness, nausea and light headedness when exposed to the concerned […] Read more »

Beat Your Fears - Phobia List

Phobia List

The Beat Your Fears phobia list … ever growing and evolving! A Ablutophobia: Fear of cleaning, washing or bathing. Acarophobia: Fear of itching or fear of insects and bugs that can cause itching. Acerophobia: Fear of sourness or things that are sour. Achluophobia: Fear of the dark. Acousticophobia: Fear of noise and sounds. Acrophobia: Fear of heights (different to vertigo). Aerophobia: Fear of drafts of air, gases, or airborne matter […] Read more »

fear quotations

Inspirational Quotes

Fear is something that affects of all, no matter who we are and what we do. We all seek to overcome those fears – many rise up to the challenge and face them head on, others assume they can never win – how wrong can they be! I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will […] Read more »

Beat Your Fears

10 Steps To A Fear Free Life

How To Beat Your Fears Of Anything 10 Steps To A Fear Free Life: Whilst I in no way claim to be an expert I have put together my own simple plan that I call my 10 steps to a fear free life. It’s a simple plan that worked for me and was borne from my own fight against fear, my own personal experiences and those of others – I hope […] Read more »

living with anxiety

Living With Anxiety

5 Natural Ways To Reduce Anxiety Living with anxiety can be tough at times. Heart palpitations, panic attacks, depression, and general feelings of stress and uneasiness are common among those who suffer with anxiety. Sometimes a trigger may not be obvious either which can make effective treatment  even more difficult. Whilst many doctors attempt to treat anxiety with prescription drugs, these often produce unwanted side effects. Further, they often don’t […] Read more »

The Difference Between Normal Fear And Phobia

Fear Versus Phobia

The Difference Between Normal Fear And Phobia The difference between normal fear and phobia is very real. Phobias come is several different forms and while some are common and well recognized, others have rarely been heard of. However, whatever the phobia may be, it is guaranteed that the individual experiencing it is living with intense and irrational anxiety and fear. Some of the most common phobias involve animals and insects such […] Read more »

flying fear

How To Beat Your Fear of Flying

Do you know how to beat your fear of flying? The good news is that this is a very common fear, so millions of people have tried various things in order to overcome their fear. The result … many have been cured allowing them to fly to new countries without suffering from that terrible anxiety that can overcome the body and mind. In order to beat this fear you do […] Read more »

Beat Your Fears - Obscure Phobias

Obscure Phobias – Strange But True

Obscure Phobias All of us have fears of some description and to some degree, a fear of spiders, a fear of going to the dentist, a fear of heights, making a speech and so on. For many though, these fears go far, far deeper and whilst they may seem completely irrational to others, to those suffering these obscure phobias are real fears that affect their lives . They develop from […] Read more »

fears phobias and treatments

Phobia Types & Treatments

General Phobias – Types & Treatments In this section on fears, phobia types and phobia treatments we’re going to introduce the most common types and general categories of fear or anxiety inducing phobias, explain them in simple terms and look at treatment options available. Let’s not forget, there are THOUSANDS of different specific phobias – we’re only looking in depth at those most common but treatments for other phobias will […] Read more »