Apocalyptophobia - Fear Of War

Apocalyptophobia: the fear of war. Is there anything to be afraid of? Whilst my own generation has been fortunate enough not to have been directly involved in world wide warfare the risks of a third world war have always been there. The risks ebb and flow – brought on, in the main, by sensationalistic journalistic reporting on TV, in the tabloid press and online.

Parts of the world are unstable as we all know. Countries are in conflict, threats of escalation are made, regimes are unstable, people are dying and anger is rising. Arms too are evolving into bigger, more powerful and accurate weapons capable of wiping out entire communities in one hit.

There’s no wonder that to some, the threat of war is more than a mere concern … it’s a full on fear or phobia.

The Fear Of War

An intense fear of war is not uncommon at all. Whilst the fear itself doesn’t have a specific name we’ve classed it under the umbrella group of doomsday phobias also called Apocalyptophobia. which refers to a fear the world is going to end. There are other closely related phobias too: Traumatophobia refers to the fear of physical injury and Thanatophobia the fear of death.

Of course, no one can accurately predict just exactly what the future does hold for the world and sure, there is often a justifiable case to be a little concerned but, to many, the fear of war (in particularly a third world war) takes over their lives. The intensely intrusive and highly negative thoughts and beliefs that war is only just over the horizon take over and prevent any form of normal life. And that’s irrational and really NOT healthy. After all, there’s far more to be positive about so why block this out with an irrational fear.

This fear of war has a tendency to grow and deepen – it’s a viscous circle. It starts with a concern of war and so you check the news and search for this specific subject. You read the news and you’re going to always find a negative article (sometimes blocking out the positive ones) and the concern grows. Because you’re a little more concerned you check out the news again and, guess what, you’re able to find more negative articles supporting your fears! So it goes on and on until the intense fear takes over your entire life.

Sure, it’s hard to break the habit but you really need to stop these preoccupied thoughts and worries.

Symptoms Of Fear Of War

As we said, it’s completely normal to have concerns of war from time to time (e have the media to thank for that). There are times when it can, on the face of it, look like a possibility. However, we’re talking about a much deeper seated fear than that. This phobia is an intense, persistent and irrational fear that consumes life. A fear that’s on out mind the whole time – and that’s not normal!

As with all phobias the root of the problem lies in the mind. It’s not a physical problem. That said it does result in pysical symptoms. This can include any of the following (amongst others):

  • Severe anxiety.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Sweating.
  • Shaking.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • increased heart rate & blood pressure.
  • Nausea.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Insomnia.

The list goes on …

Overcome Your Fear Of War

As we said, you’re not alone though. This fear of world war is actually quite common and is on the increase which is exactly why there is a treatment program specifically designed to help you overcome this irrational fear.

That treatment program is simply called Overcome World War 3 Worries and it’s available as an instant download which you can listen to on any media platforms or via the free accompanying app which is made available after purchase.

The program is not going to break the bank either. At just $14.95 it represents incredible value for money.

As you listen to the program you’ll begin to feel calmer, less controlled by your fear and no where near as connected to the fear of war. You’ll regain your positivity and be able to focus again on the many positive aspects of life and the world.

It could just change your life dramatically and so we suggest that you decide to stop worrying about the threat of a third world war, follow the simple program and take back control of your life again.

May we wish you good luck. We hope you find this program helpful and that it works for you and welcome your feedback – good or bad.