Carcinophobia - Fear Of CancerCarcinophobia is a relatively rare phobia and it refers to the irrational and extreme fear of getting cancer. Individuals affected with this phobia most often exhibit symptoms that associated with other disorders like, for example, the obsessive compulsive disorder and social phobia. It is normal to have a fear of any disease, but those who have carcinophobia believe that they can contract cancer from anything and that the dreaded disease is contagious to such an extent that it starts affecting their normal life.

People who have had cancer in the past or whose friends or relatives have been afflicted with cancer are generally those who develop the fear of this disease. Often people suffering from this disorder would have noticed the negative reactions that others show and might unconsciously start to imitate them. Sometimes the fear of cancer becomes so extreme that it leads to agoraphobia, the fear of being outside or the fear of getting trapped in a situation from which there is no escape.

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Carcinophobia – Fear Of Cancer: Symptoms And Treatment Options

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Symptoms of Carcinophobia

An extreme fear of cancer causes sufferers of this phobia to wash their hands frequently and experience panic, anxiety and hyperventilation. Other symptoms may include headaches, heart palpitations, trembling, dry mouth, numbness, sweating and sometimes panic attacks.

A person suffering from a fear of cancer often associates headache with brain tumor and often experiences a feeling of terror and dread. As carcinophobes experience extreme fear that they may contract the disease, they may stop going for work and sometimes even going out. The symptoms may vary from one person to another depending on the level of fear. When confronted with a situation, some may start to sweat and palpitate, whereas some others may experience a full-blown panic or anxiety attack.

Treatment of Carcinophobia

The fear of cancer is more of a psychological problem than being a physiological condition. Sufferers may find that talking to family members and friends about their fear may be helpful in relieving their stress. It is a generally accepted fact that lack of understanding can cause fear. Therefore, gathering information and treatment methods might help relieve the phobia. Sufferers may also find it helpful if they can talk some of the cancer survivors.

If none of these actions help, then it is important to seek medical help. Consulting a psychologist, counselor or getting involved in a support group may be essential. It has been seen that medical therapy along with psychological counseling is an effective way of treating cancer phobia.

Anti-anxiety medications are prescribed by doctors sometimes in severe cases of carcinophobia, but they may have side effects. It is not possible to cure the phobia through medication, but they can provide temporary relief by suppressing symptoms.

Other treatment options that can be considered are hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming psychotherapy, traditional talk therapy, exposure therapy and desensitization therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy. Self-help techniques that include purposeful muscle relaxation and relaxation techniques such as visualization and deep breathing have also been found to be very helpful.

An irrational fear of cancer can seriously affect a person’s ability to function normally if left untreated. It is, therefore, important that the sufferer undertakes the most suitable treatment for him/her in order to lead a stress free life.

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