takeoff today reviewThe fear of flying (officially termed “aerophobia” or “pteromerhanophobia”) is a condition that has the potential to significantly hinder an individual’s quality of life. People who suffer from this condition typically experience adverse symptoms such as high levels of anxiety, claustrophobia, panic attacks, etc., when on board an airplane. Others with the condition simply avoid flying altogether, even when the convenience of air travel far outweighs the alternative of travelling by car or train.

If this describes you then don’t worry, help is at hand in the form of the hugely popular Take Off Today self help program that’s guaranteed to cure your fear of flying once and for all.

The Take Off Today Program has been designed to address the root causes of the fear of flying.

It also prescribes specific techniques and useful strategies to help you overcome this troubling phobia – continue reading for our Take off Today Program review:

Takeoff Today Program Review

The Take Off Today Program was authored and developed by Rich Presta, an internationally recognized authority on various anxiety disorders, and a former fearful flier himself. When developing the program, Presta also solicited the input of Jeffrey Skiles, a co-pilot of the now-famous US Airways Flight 1549, which in 2009 lost both engines and was forced to land in the Hudson River. Without a doubt, Skiles definitely had to overcome the fear of flying after his heart-wrenching experience aboard Flight 1549, but he was able to successfully return to the cockpit only two weeks after the incident due to his ability to employ some of the information explained in the Takeoff Today Program.

In the program, Presta explains the mechanics behind the fear of flying, and how this phobia can actually “trick” the brain into perceiving flying as a threat, which in turn produces anxiety and feelings of discomfort. Presta then goes on to share some of the remedial steps you can take to “re-train your brain” so that it will no longer respond from a position of perceived danger, but rather from a place of confidence and security. The program also covers Presta’s four-step process for seizing control of those feelings of anxiety before they get a chance to solidify themselves in your mind. Presta’s aim is not just to help people cope with anxiety and panic attacks due to fear of flying, but rather to help people completely eliminate those negative conditions from their lives.

The components of the Takeoff Today Program are:

* The Takeoff Today Program Manual: A 100+ page step-by-step guide with in-depth information regarding how to overcome the fear of flying
* The Takeoff Today Audio Edition: An unabridged audio recording of the entire Takeoff Today Program, for convenient use on the road, at work, or even on an airline flight
* The Takeoff Today Video Series: A two-hour video session with Rich Presta in which he reviews the main concepts of the program for further reinforcement
* The Takeoff Today Tactical Kit: Perhaps one of the most “hands-on” aspects of the course; this kit includes a special report known as the “Anxiety Helix”, which provides a handy reference of the techniques and strategies covered in the course. Also included in the Tactical Kit is a two-part audio series that acts as a “one-two punch”; the first audio in the set is designed to assist with pre-flight anxiety, while the second audio is for use when you’re actually on board the plane. Both audios walk you through a process of relaxation techniques designed to help replace anxious thoughts with feelings of comfort and tranquillity.

If there’s any minor drawback to the Takeoff Today Program, it would be that the techniques do not promise an “instant cure” or a “quick fix” solution. The program does require effort, commitment and hard work, but when the strategies offered in the Takeoff Today Program are consistently applied, Presta guarantees that they will help you conquer the troublesome fear of flying.

aerophobia - fear of flying treatment

Beat Your Fears believes the Take Off Today Program to be effective in your fight against the fear of flying and suggest that you visit the official website to read more and decide for yourself.

It’s advanced, yet simple strategies are simple to understand yet easy to follow and, with a little effort and commitment on your part, do actually work which make the Take Off Today Program on of the most cost effective solutions to a fear of flying.

Unforunatley it appears that the program is no longer available – you may want to check out our alternative Overcome Fear Of Flying Program.

Conquer your fear of flying, relax on the plane, and fly in peace. Good luck.