If you struggle with anxiety, panic, phobia or fears there’s one program that you simply have to check out … the Panic Away Program.

panic away program reviewThere is no doubt about it, life can be tough. Just when you think that you have found your feet again, there is another wall waiting to knock you down. Over time, this can lead to a lack of confidence, anxiety, and even panic attacks. If not treated correctly, panic attacks can ruin a life because the sufferer constantly lives in fear of another attack. When this occurs, they tend to hole themselves at home until the point where they only really feel comfortable at home which can then lead to depression and other mental health issues.

Sadly, this is an all too familiar situation for many as millions of people go through it every single year. Because it is a mental health issue as opposed to a physical issue, there isn’t one magical cure that can put an end to the problem and the health industry continues to invest millions of pounds every single year looking for the best solutions.

In recent years, we have seen the rise of a program that has proven to be more successful than many others. Known as the ‘Panic Away’ program, this self help anxiety, panic and phobia treatment program has already gained some amazing reviews since being introduced and should definitely be considered if you struggle with panic attacks and/or anxiety issues.

barry-mcdonaghBackground Information – Developed by Barry McDonagh (BA, Dip Psych ) from Ireland, this program is a result his own panic and anxiety issues which started at college age. It was this personal experience that drove Barry to search for a solution to overcome his own problems which in turn led to the launch of Panic Away and, the rest (as they say) is history with the Panic Away program going on to becoming on of the most recognised anxiety and panic treatments on the market today.

The Panic Away Program comes as a multi media package consisting of a book, instant download, DVD, CDs and access to a support forum

panic away review


The Book – In the book itself, there are over 70 chapters as well as some sub-chapters that further explain points and provide pieces of advice. panic-away-bookFor many years, we have been told that we have to ‘fight’ particular emotions and feelings as well as overcoming them in order to get better. However, Barry noticed that this was very much a short-term solution and that this didn’t prevent the problem from coming back in the future. Therefore, he decided that he would create a longer-lasting change of mindset.

In the book, readers will learn how to embrace their feelings and discover that their feelings aren’t the enemy. Although this might sound a little strange at first, it teaches you to realise that, even though negative thoughts do occur, we have to accept them and learn how to deal with them rather than suppressing them and causing more damage in the long run.

panic-away-cdThe DVD – A 48 minute HD DVD will help you fast track your recovery from anxiety issues. You’ll quickly learn the basics of Panic Away and makes the unique “21-7 technique™” incredibly simple to understand and put into practice.

The CDs – Alternative to reading or watching for those who prefer to listen. Perfect for in the car, in bed or with personal headphones. You’ll learn all the techniques in the book and DVD in audio format.

Bonus Extras – Instant access to download for those who can’t wait for the post to arrive! Access to the Panic Away online members forum where you can chat and discuss your issues with others just like you. You’ll also get the latest updates and new program additions.

Before we take a look at the pros and cons from some of the 70,000 people who have already purchased the program, let’s dig a little deeper and find what is contained within the book. In essence, Panic Away looks into three important steps – trust, acceptance, and persistence. In each section, there are various chapters that explain the points being made and help for changing the mindset. Over time, you will learn to reach the core problems rather than finding ways to relieve the symptoms. In the very word ‘relieve’, it suggests that the issue will come back at some point in the future which is what the program looks to change.

Furthermore, there is also an extremely helpful 21/7 technique that you will learn. After a 21-second countdown, you can perform a 7-second exercise that can be done anywhere at any time. Not only do these exercises allow you to engage your mind, you will also engage your body so it becomes easy to improve. Thanks to these exercises, people have even noted how they would look forward to their free time because they knew that they would be completing the exercises and making progress. Included in this section, you will find all sorts of breathing techniques as well as visualisation and affirmation exercises that improve your focus, reduce stress, and help to calm anxiety whilst learning ways to keep it at bay.

Pros of Panic Away

  • Firstly, it is all written down which means that you can go back and reference it at any time. If you forget a certain detail of an exercise or need to remind yourself of the content inside, you can pull the book from the shelf or grab the kindle and take a look.
  • Secondly, it has been formatted in a way that makes it easy to read and follow at all times. In terms of the structure, it makes learning easy by including informative information but doesn’t go on for pages talking about nonsense that doesn’t apply to the topic at hand.
  • When you read through, you will notice that the content has a purpose and there isn’t any chapters that are there just to bring up the word count.
  • Furthermore, the fact that Barry has been through the scenario himself really shines through and it helps to learn from someone who has been there and come out the other side.
  • Finally, there is a money back guarantee if you feel as though you aren’t seeing the benefit and nothing seems to be working for you.

Cons of Panic Away

  • Although this isn’t specific to this program, there is no guarantee that anything in the book will work for you. Although thousands of people have already seen the benefit of the program, medical science and mental health is an issue that has multiple sides and angles so you may not be helped.
  • Because the techniques worked for Joe, you could argue that the program is no good if the techniques do not work for you because there is no ‘plan B’. However, you cannot blame someone who is trying to help the masses if it has already helped the majority of those who purchase. During the book, at no point does Joe claim to be a doctor. Ultimately, he has compiled the program because he wants to help people lose the problem of anxiety and panic attacks.

Success Stories – Of course, as there are with most successful programs, there are various stories of how people have been helped and I can say that I am in this club. Amongst others, I was also a little sceptical when I first heard about the program but I was instantly drawn to the fact that it had been created by someone who knew what it was like to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

Over the years, I had tried medication and many other ‘solutions’ but none seemed to work. Also, I ended up reading dozens of books by doctors but I soon found that they were looking at the problem from a purely medical point of view which meant that, rightly or wrongly, they would never look past the solution of medicine or counselling.

After picking up the book for the first time, I was simply amazed because I thought ‘finally, there is someone willing to look at the root causes of the problem and find a real solution’. After just a short amount of time, I saw an improvement and I haven’t looked back since. Finally, I feel as though I am back in control of my life rather than my life controlling me.

Summary – If you suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, if you have exhausted all other methods of dealing with the problem, the Panic Away Program is taking the world by storm and you could be the next to see the benefit!