How To Build Self Confidence With Hypnosis

How To Build Self Confidence With Hypnosis How To Build Self Confidence With Hypnosis: If you are somebody who has struggled with self confidence your entire life, then you are probably frustrated by the various techniques for improving self confidence that just simply do not work for you. Or worse still, friends and family telling you to “just put yourself out there and you’ll feel better before you know it”. Whilst their advice is well meaning, forcing yourself into situations that you aren’t comfortable with will only make the problem worse, not better. But worry not! There might just be a solution for you yet, and I’m almost certain you won’t have tried it: hypnosis!

Now, if you’re new to that idea, it can seem a little daunting. But don’t worry, this article will break down how to build confidence with hypnosis so you understand the steps involved and the benefits that are just waiting for you! Let’s take a look first then at something that ordinarily I wouldn’t support, but in this case I think it’s relevant.

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How To Build Self Confidence With Hypnosis

“It’s all in your head.”

How To Build Self Confidence With HypnosisAs a rule – I hate this saying. But for low confidence, I think it’s relevant. What you have to remember, is that low confidence comes from within. Nobody taught you that you couldn’t do that thing you want to do and nobody said you had to be nervous about anything in life.

The problem with confidence, is that we often picture ourselves failing far more than we picture ourselves succeeding. This negative self narrative does not help if you’re working hard at building confidence; it’s the hammer that will knock down those delicately placed bricks. So, if it really is all in your head – what can you do about it?

Delve deeper

The only way that you are going to be able to root out the problem of low self confidence, is by exploring what exactly your beliefs are towards doing that thing you want to do. Whether it’s speaking in public, working out at the gym, or even eating at a restaurant. Whatever it is, if you aren’t doing it but want to, then confidence is the issue that you are facing.

Let’s take the gym for example. You might really want to go to the gym, but the very thought of it makes your stomach churn and your neck sweaty. And that’s before you’ve even made it on to the treadmill! Most people would experience these negative reactions and then simply avoid thinking about it further, because it’s easier to run away and lock those feelings somewhere at the back of your mind than it is to face them. Unfortunately, facing how you really think and feel is the only way you’re going to move past it. Delving into your thoughts and feelings is your first step. When you realize that you are all too often comparing yourself to others, or imagining the worst case scenario, you’ll at least be aware of the thing that’s holding you back: your thoughts.

Now that you know about the lock that’s stopping you from moving forwards, you just need a key. Enter hypnosis…

Hypnosis and self confidence

How does Hypnosis work?

Maybe you already know all about hypnosis, but if you don’t, a brief overview might be helpful. Essentially, hypnosis is all about imagining yourself in various scenarios. That’s it. Really. Therapeutic hypnosis will focus on helping you picture yourself doing that thing you want to do in a much more positive way. You can build confidence with hypnosis by simply allowing a trained professional to walk you through the steps in a safe and guided manner. They’ll help keep you calm and present in the moment as you imagine yourself succeeding instead of failing for a change. Over time, your automatic thought process will be one geared towards success, not failure. And from there, confidence blooms.

If you want to get more technical, hypnosis will relax you to the point where you are able to access your subconscious mind. It’s from this altered state of consciousness that you are able to challenge your negative beliefs directly and swap them for more positive ones. Just like rewiring a plug – you’re removing something that isn’t working for you, and replacing it with something that will. Once the old plug is out and the new plug is in, it’ll continue working with you instead of against you. That is the essence of hypnosis: changing unconscious thought processes to positive ones, so that we naturally are more positive – without even having to think about it!

What can I expect from a hypnotherapy session?

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are one in the same. If you are seeing a hypnotherapy specialist to specifically deal with your low self confidence, there will be a general pattern that they follow. Hopefully this section will give you some idea of what they’ll do, and why they’re doing it. Keep in mind though, that some hypnotherapists may change tact slightly to suit your needs, but they will always explain the steps beforehand anyway so there’s nothing to worry about. Here is a general guide to a typical session:

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is relax. Hypnosis relies on a person being so relaxed that they enter a deeper state of consciousness where they can really explore their thoughts and feelings about a task. If relaxing seems impossible, don’t worry! Professionals will have a variety of ways to make you calmer.
  2. You may be asked to describe your usual negative reaction to the task. Whilst this may seem scary, it is better for you to explain your typical reaction so you can change it. That way you can really focus in on the parts of the scenario that are really causing you to feel low confidence towards actually doing the task.
  3. Hypnotherapy will aim to slowly change your negative beliefs to positive ones by exploring alternative scenarios. These scenarios are realistic, but are always much more positive than the scenarios you create for yourself in your mind. By keeping them realistic, you’ll be able to see how possible it is for things to go your way for a change.
  4. During hypnosis you’ll focus on success, not failure! You’ll focus on all the things that can go well; not what can go wrong.
  5. Slowly you’ll adopt the beliefs as your own, and you’ll start to build self confidence with hypnosis.

That seems easy enough – can’t I do it alone?

Absolutely! Hypnotherapy isn’t always the right solution for everybody. Hypnosis at home can work just as well. Just remember that you’ll be exploring your negative thoughts and feelings alone, so make sure you have someone you can reach out to if you’re feeling particularly low. Purchasing guided hypnosis might also help, but make sure you are purchasing from a reputable source. Unfortunately there are many people who claim to be trained hypnotherapists that are not, so do your research and be thorough.

Hypnosis at home can be a great tool to have in your arsenal of weapons against low self confidence anyway, and becoming used to the hypnosis process won’t do you any harm even if you’re feeling OK at the moment. Hypnosis works for those who are feeling especially low in self confidence, but also helps maintain confidence in those who already have it.

How will I notice a difference?

First and foremost, the most telling sign that hypnosis has worked will be that you are doing the thing you wanted to do that you weren’t doing before. In a slightly less broad way, you’ll notice that confidence isn’t something you think of anymore. Those who are suffering with low confidence generally know they are. You’ll notice a change in yourself because you won’t think negatively about yourself. In addition you’ll find yourself imagining new scenarios that work out positively for you, not negatively. You’ll also see that you naturally imagine success and not failure. In short, you and everyone around you will notice the difference that hypnosis has made, because positive thinking breeds confidence!

How To Build Self Confidence With Hypnosis – Conclusion

How To Build Self Confidence With Hypnosis: If you started this article feeling a little hopeless, as though self confidence was just an elusive thing that others had, but not you. I hope that’s changed now. Building confidence with hypnosis is not only a very real possibility for you, but it has worked for countless other individuals. If nothing else, it surely has to be worth a try, even if it is only from the comfort of your own home.

Remember, negative beliefs and picturing failure is what is stopping you from feeling confident in your pursuits. If you can swap those beliefs for positive ones, you’ll be surprised by just how much more confident you’ll feel. After all, once you’ve imagined yourself succeeding, all you have to do is go out there and replicate it. Those blueprints will then serve you for the rest of your life for whatever scenario you face. Somebody who pictures success over failure, will always be successful. And that might just be the key to improving your self confidence.

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How To Build Self Confidence With Hypnosis