Emetophobia Recovery System ReviewThe Beat Your Fears Emetophobia Recovery System Review: Emetophobia is a troublesome condition that millions of people suffer from, but yet receives relatively little attention when compared to other phobia-related problems. In a nutshell, emetophobia is a fear of vomiting, or an anxiety surrounding anything having to do with vomiting. This could include the fear of vomiting in a public place, the fear of seeing someone else vomit, or the fear of becoming nauseous.

Although emetophobia as a condition is not often addressed by the professional mental health community, nevertheless it negatively impacts the many people who suffer from it, and for some people it can have an almost crippling effect on their ability to live a normal life.

Beat Your Emetophobia Or Fear Of Vomiting

The Emetophobia Recovery System Review. The program was designed with the goal of helping people understand the root causes of emetophobia, the various triggers and external (or internal) stimuli that can bring about anxiety regarding vomit, and also how to retrain your thinking patterns in order to think properly about emetophobia, to where your mind will stop misidentifying vomiting as a “threat”.

The authors and developers of the Emetophobia Recovery System are Rich Presta, director of the International Emetophobia Society and a former anxiety disorder sufferer himself, and Dr. Cheryl Lane, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Throughout the course, Presta emphasizes the importance of learning how to do more than just simply “cope” with emetophobia, but rather how to completely overcome it by way of practicing the techniques outlined in the program. Examples of some of the anti-emetophobia techniques and exercises that Presta explains in the course include the “RIDE Technique”, the “Ring Your Own Doorbell” exercise, and the “Red Sock Relaxation” technique.

One major point that Presta (with the help of Dr. Cheryl Lane) highlights in the course is how the roots of emetophobia are well below the conscious level, and that they cannot actually be corrected on a logical level. Presta goes on to discuss the actual physiology of the brain, and how neural pathways are either strengthened or weakened by how you respond to certain external stimuli. One of the primary aims of the course is to teach you specific techniques that will help you to basically “re-wire” your brain so that it will respond differently to the sight of (or any references to) vomit.

Emetophobia Recovery System Review

Below is a summary of what is included in the Emetophobia Recovery System:

* The Emetophobia Recovery System Manual – A step-by-step guide to help you learn how to replace irrational, unhealthy and anxiety-producing thoughts about vomit with thoughts of confidence and security
* An unabridged MP3 audio recording of the entire Emetophobia Recovery System
* The Emetophobia Recovery Audio System (E.R.A.S.) – A set of audio tools that provides relaxation techniques and mental recovery training tips
* The Emetophobia Mastermind Audio Series – Audio interviews with some of the most influential psychology and mental health professionals in the world today. In this audio, the panel that Presta has assembled addresses the specifics of emetophobia, as well as various tips and strategies you can use to overcome emetophobia.

Overall, Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane have assembled a thorough set of course materials that offer a unique and powerful perspective on how to overcome emetophobia. While the program does not offer quick fixes, it does promise to provide measurable results when the techniques and strategies outlined in the course are consistently applied.

Emetophobia doesn’t need to disrupt your life or affect your happiness. The Emetophobia Recovery System will help you learn how your fear of vomiting works, what makes it so powerful, and how to STOP the cycle!

The Emetophobia Recovery System was developed with experts and professionals to help you quickly understand, confront, and overcome your fear with the convenience, privacy, and affordability of an at-home system. It’s time to take your life back.

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