emetophobia - fear of vomiting

Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting and may be related to other conditions such as eating disorders or fear of certain types of foods. It can also occur as a result of an obsessive compulsive disorder. For different people, symptoms are different and so are the outcomes. Whereas some people are terrified about becoming sick themselves (more so in public places), some others dread the thought of encountering others who may vomit. They are also known to be averse to seeing the vomit substance.

Emetophobia is a fairly common phobia all over the world. Though there isn’t a definite cause for the development of this fear, it is believed that a negative or traumatic experience with vomiting during childhood years may have triggered the fear. Vomiting that occurs on ingesting unhealthy food or an excessive intake of alcohol is fairly common and cannot be termed as emetophobia. However, if an individual experiences many hours of uncontrolled vomiting merely because he/she remembered vomiting in public or saw the vomit substance, then such a fear is called emetophobia.

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Emetophobia – Fear of Vomiting: Symptoms And Treatment Options

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Some studies have indicated that the development of emetophobia is linked to worries that the individual has about losing control. In some cases, many uncontrolled sessions of vomiting during childhood may have caused an individual to develop this phobia later in life. Emetophobia can also be the result of agoraphobia or fear of open places.

Emetophobia – Symptoms

Individuals suffering from emetophobia may experience or display certain symptoms that include unwillingness to eat outside for fear of throwing up. They also fear that others who are close to them may vomit in their presence. This causes a lot of distress to the individual. Many a time, they are unable to think clearly because the fear that they will vomit takes over and dominates all other thoughts. Many of the sufferers develop eating disorders because of restriction of food intake fearing that it may cause vomiting. This may eventually lead to anorexia. Many individuals who suffer from emetophobia develop obsessive compulsive disorders. They generally resort to repetitive bizarre behavior which they believe provides control to their lives.

Many individuals suffering from emetophobia are known to develop social anxiety. They will try to avoid situations that would compel them to have meals with others. They tend to remain indoors and isolate themselves from the society. They tend to become anxious when on long car trips. Sufferers have frequent bouts of nausea and stomach upsets. They do not like being around those who are not keeping good health and children and babies for fear of seeing them vomit.

Emetophobia – Treatment Options

Emetophobia is a disorder that cannot be diagnosed easily. This is because the victims develop other phobias as well over a period. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help the affected individual replace negative thoughts with regard to vomiting with a positive thought. Medications are prescribed in some cases to combat the physical symptoms of distress. They are mainly drugs used to suppress or control the vomiting reflex.

Desensitization is used by some therapists to alleviate the fear of vomiting. This involves exposing the person to the act of vomiting frequently so that the act does not cause the negative feelings that it brought on initially. Hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques are used to treat those sufferers who are affected severely with the phobia.

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