Peniaphobia - Fear Of PovertyThe fear of poverty has an official name. It’s called Peniaphobia which is defined as “a fear of having no money or being poor. This is not to be confused with Aporophobia which is a fear of and hostility to people who are poor, without resources and helpless.

For some Peniaphobia is an irrational fear of losing wealth or what they have and falling into poverty. Alternatively, for others it could be a fear of falling deeper into poverty. In both cases the fear is real – no matter how unlikely either of these eventualities actually are the intense anxiety can be totally life-changing.

You may be in control, you know your personal situation, you’re fully aware of the economic conditions, you budget well, you have a nest egg and you know you have the capabilities to handle what life throws at you. Yet, in the case of a Peniaphobe, this crippling fear of poverty in the future affects all aspects of their life and their ability to make the most of life in the here and now.

As with any such fear or phobia though … it CAN be overcome!

Fear Of Poverty – Causes

The fear of poverty can affect anyone at any time. That said, it’s particularly common in people who have just come into some money, who have landed a game-changing business deal or they’re starting to succeed in life. In a way it’s a fear of going back to the way it was for them before. They’re beginning to enjoy a life of abundance and don’t want it to end.

When you put it that way it sounds pretty normal doesn’t it? It probably is! No one wants to lose what they have and it’s completely natural to protect what they’ve got and want to carefully manage and plan for the future. For anyone suffering from a fear of poverty it’s different though. The fear is intense and consistent. They find it difficult to let go of money or possessions. In addition they have a tendency to hoard. They may panic when things run low and hide or protect possessions. Peniaphobics may refrain from buying things they need – even when they’re easily affordable. Basically, a peniaphobe could have all the money in the world and still want to hide it away and not spend anything … just in case!

Peniaphobia – Symptoms

As with any phobia the symptoms of a fear of poverty can be intense. Extreme anxiety, panic and dread are the norm. They’re consistent too – occupying thoughts all the time and not just in waves.

Panic attacks, shortness of breath, perspiration, flushes, irregular pulse, nausea etc etc. Whilst totally irrational, none of these symptoms are uncommon.

The sufferer effectively plays out a starring role in a nightmare about how terrible life would be if everything was lost.

The result … a paranoid protection of what they have rather than making the most of life by taking advantage of the financial situation. There’s no purpose or meaning to life. Enjoyment is also down the drain!

Fear Of Poverty – Treatments

The fear of poverty results from a complex package of mixed emotional feelings and irrational thoughts. In other words it’s all in the mind.

Obviously, there’s no magic cure or miracle drug for instant relief. Instead, treatment is focussed on re-programming the subconscious mind to react to money, wealth and abundance in a sane and rational manner.

With that in mind traditional anxiety treatments are most effective. In particular Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT which is basically a kind of talking therapy designed to help you change the way you behave and think in relation to a specific fear or phobia. Then there’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP  which works by taking the fear of poverty and then disassociating and reframing the experience. The other main treatment is the wisely used hypnotherapy which works by retraing the mind to respond rationally to the irrational fear.

Hypnosis To Treat Fear Of Poverty

As just mentioned, hypnosis works extremely well as a treatment for the specific fear of poverty. We’d now like to introduce a self-hypnosis program called, appropriately, Overcome Fear of Poverty. It works by disconnecting the stimulus or trigger from the automatic, emotional reaction and resetting the brain to respond in a more rational manner.

This is a very effective (and extremely cost-effective) audio hypnosis program. It is designed to get right to the heart of the sub-conscious part of the brain in order to, in effect, re-set the natural responses to money, wealth and abundance. It will calm the emotional brain and gently de-sensitise it to respond in a rational manner. The result will be to free yourself from the fear of poverty and to learn to enjoy life again – whatever your financial position!

You can find out more and download the Overcome Fear of Poverty program. Just click the links below: