Zoophobia - Fear Of Animals

Zoophobia is a persistent and ever-pervading fear of animals. However, it is important to note that it is very common for most individuals to be scared of snakes, rats, barking dogs, etc. Zoophobia is not this kind of fear; it is irrational and extends to even harmless animals such as little kittens as well as big animals.

This phobia is commonly found in very young children. For some it persists into adulthood and causes a lot of distress in their daily lives. It is important for such people to seek active treatment for the condition before it starts to disturb every facet of their daily life.

Zoophobia can develop due to many causes, whereas for some individuals it can be a traumatic incident relating to an animal during their childhood, for others it could be lack of information or even wrong information that causes the fear. The fears manifest themselves when the concerned person is in a stressful situation that would most likely be one in which an animal is involved.

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Zoophobia – Fear of Animals: Symptoms And Treatment Options

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Zoophobia – Symptoms

Individuals who suffer from zoophobia may display or experience some, or all, of the following symptoms.

A sufferer of zoophobia fears every animal in sight, however big or small, even the harmless squirrels running about in the backyard. In some others, the fear is very pronounced with regard to type of animals. As an example, ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes is commonly seen in many people.

The zoophobe (the person suffering from the phobia) will avoid any situation that requires him/her to come in the vicinity of any animal.

For the sufferers, a chance encounter with an animal brings severe distress and may result in a panic attack. Some individuals even become hysterical.

The persons suffering from zoophobia go to great lengths to alter their personal lives and schedules to avoid encountering an animal.

Common physical symptoms that manifest when a zoophobe encounters an animal are increased heart rate, changes in blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, trouble in breathing, dry mouth, profuse sweating, anxiety, vomiting, etc.

Zoophobia – Treatment Options

Many approaches are used in treating Zoophobia. Behavioral therapy, medications to manage the physical symptoms of the phobia, etc., are some of the methods of treatment of the phobia. The treatment may take months or years to bring about a change in the patient.

Behavioral therapy seems to be the most popular option where the patient talks with the therapist in detail about the phobia and helps the therapist to identify the root cause of the fear. Hypnotherapy is also known to aid in this stage of the treatment. The patient is then gradually exposed (and consequently desensitized) to animals and animal images in a controlled fashion so as to be able to manage the feelings of panic that occur and slowly gain confidence to deal positively with the situation.

Medications are prescribed to blunt the physical responses that zoophobia can cause. This method is resorted to when the reactions are severe and the patient is unable to start another form of treatment because of the physical symptoms. If the patient is on medication, it may help the therapist to start the behavior control sessions and work along with the patient to better the situation.

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