Beat Your Fears - Specific Fears And Phobias

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Specific Fears A Comprehensive Overview of Phobias and Their Treatment Fear is important for humans and animals because it compels us to run away from danger or avoid it at all costs. However, some people may have seemingly unusual fears, commonly referred to phobias, at some point in their lives or throughout their lives. These specific fears are of certain situations or particular things. Items associated with these things or […] Read more »

Paruresis Fear Of Urinating In Public

Fear Of Urinating In Public

Paruresis – Fear Of Urinating In Public Symptoms And Treatment Options Paruresis is a type of phobia and it is also known by the names bashful or shy bladder syndrome. A person suffering from this phobia will find it very difficult or even impossible to pass urine when other people are present. In other words, it is a fear that prevents a person from urinating in the absence of privacy […] Read more »

Monophobia - Fear of Being Alone

Fear Of Being Alone

Monophobia – Fear Of Being Alone Symptoms And Treatment Options Monophobia refers to an acute fear of being alone or having to manage in the absence of a specific person in close proximity. The specific person may be in the same apartment or house or the same room. Some monophobics find it even impossible to use the lavatory if another person is not there in the room with them. People […] Read more »

Erythrophobia - Fear of Blushing

Fear Of Blushing

Erythrophobia – Fear of Blushing Symptoms And Treatment Options Blushing is a common but uncomfortable feeling associated with embarrassment. For some individuals, it is something more than mere embarrassment; it causes undue anxiety. An abnormal and exaggerated fear of blushing is called erythrophobia. Those who suffer from erythrophobia may not actually fear the act of blushing but dread the feelings and emotions that come along with blushing. The fear is […] Read more »

Nosophobia - Fear of Having a Disease

Fear Of Disease

Nosophobia – Fear of Disease Symptoms And Treatment Options Whereas hypochondriasis is the fear that the physical symptoms currently present are manifestations of an undiagnosed disease, nosophobia (or nosemaphobia) is an overwhelming and all-pervading fear of disease – either having or developing a particular disease such as diabetes or cancer. If an individual continues to live with this phobia, in all likelihood it will eventually affect the mental and physical […] Read more »

Trypanophobia - Fear of Injections

Fear Of Injections

Trypanophobia – Fear of Injections Symptoms And Treatment Options Trypanophobia refers to the extreme fear that some people have for injections or hypodermic needles. It is normal to feel some amount of discomfort when it comes to medical procedures involving injections, but a trypanophobic has such an extreme and irrational fear of injections that he/she either avoids any medical treatment or exhibits anxious or avoidance behavior. Some of them suffering […] Read more »

Brontophobia - Fear of Thunderstorms

Fear Of Thunderstorms

Brontophobia – Fear of Thunderstorms Symptoms And Treatment Options Brontophobia literally translates to fear of thunder and fear of thunderstoms. Fear by itself can range from mild discomfort to extreme panic. When the fear developed is disproportionate to the danger that is presented, it is called a phobia. Thus, brontophobia is an irrational and exaggerated fear of thunderstorms and lightning. It is also called by the name astraphobia. This phobia […] Read more »

Dentophobia - Fear of Dentists

Fear Of Dentists

Dentophobia – Fear of Dentists Symptoms And Treatment Options No one likes to visit the dentist, but some people experience a kind of anxiety that may turn into a fear or even a phobia. Dentophobia is a very common affliction and is also referred to as odontophobia, dental fear or dental anxiety. Phobias related to blood and needles may also prevent people from visiting their dentist for routine dental care. […] Read more »

Driving Phobia - Fear Of Driving

Fear Of Driving

Driving Phobia – Fear of Driving Symptoms And Treatment Options Fear of driving or driving phobia is a very common anxiety disorder you may be surprised to know. The phobia may be mild or it may be very severe. Whereas some individuals are scared of specific situations that they imagine they will encounter while driving, many others are simply terrified of sitting behind the wheel. This phobia may cause individuals […] Read more »

Aquaphobia - Fear of Water

Fear Of Water

Aquaphobia – Fear of Water Symptoms And Treatment Options Hydrophobia is the word that was actually derived from the Greek words hudōr, meaning, water and phobos, meaning fear. As the word hydrophobia is used to refer to a later-stage rabies symptom of swallowing difficulty, fear experienced when the affected is provided with liquids to drink and the inability to quench thirst, the new term aquaphobia was created to refer to […] Read more »