Paruresis Treatment System Review

Paruresis Treatment System Review: How You Can Overcome Your Anxiety Once And For All! The Paruresis Treatment System Review you’re reading will give you an overview of what this product has to offer and how it can provide you with a solution to this dilemma so you can get on with living your life. The Paruresis Treatment System is a program designed to help people overcome their shy bladder as […] Read more »

Paruresis Fear Of Urinating In Public

Fear Of Urinating In Public

Paruresis is a type of phobia and it is also known by the names bashful or shy bladder syndrome. A person suffering from this phobia will find it very difficult or even impossible to pass urine when other people are present. In other words, it is a fear that prevents a person from urinating in the absence of privacy (some or complete) depending on the severity of the condition. It […] Read more »