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Social Anxiety Treatment

Social Anxiety Treatment typically involves psychological counselling and medication. However, medications are only usually prescribed when counselling alone is not enough to bring down levels of associated anxiety as well as depression. Combination treatment is best for long-term treatment, addressing fear and generalized anxiety in various social situations. For those who are anxious about only one or just a few kinds of situations, like eating in front of people or […] Read more »

Social Phobia Explained

Social Phobia Explained Feeling anxious before you make a public presentation or speech is quite normal. But, there are those who get anxious easily even at the thought of having to make a public appearance. Such people are usually said to have what we call social phobia, also known as social anxiety disorder. People suffering from this mental condition are frightened of facing social scenarios and even interacting with strangers. […] Read more »

social phobia

Social Phobia

Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms And Treatment Options Social anxiety disorder occurs when an individual has excessive fears and unreasonable anxiety when involved in social situations. Also referred to by the name social phobia, this anxiety disorder is more than just the common uneasiness that one feels in front of people at certain times. The extreme self consciousness and the intense nervousness that develop in these individuals can cause them to […] Read more »