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Common Phobias & Treatments

20+ Common Phobias & Phobia Treatments You only have to look at our list or phobias to see just how many there are … thousands … and the list grows regularly. You can view our Phobia List – simply Click Here >>> In this section we’ve taken the 20+ specific and most common phobias and you can find more information on these phobias along with treatment programs and ideas.  As […] Read more »

Beat Your Fears

Understanding Phobias

What Are Phobias. Phobias affect millions of people worldwide, causing difficulty in their everyday life, preventing them from leading productive personal and/or professional lives. Expert psychosocial rehabilitational specialist Kendra Cherry, also an guide, quotes the American Psychological Association as defining a phobia as an “irrational or excessive fear of an object or situation.” You can, for example, have a fear of bees that is so strong it keeps you […] Read more »

Beat Your Fears - Types Of Phobias

Types Of Phobias

The Three Main Types of Phobias Introduction To The Different Types Of Phobias Everyone is anxious or nervous about something from time to time. For example, back in 2007 I recall the feeling I had just before I got married. I feared that it would not work out, that I would not be able to find work to support my new wife, and that she would only allow me so much […] Read more »

Signs Of Anxiety Disorder

From time to time everyone will experience the signs of anxiety disorder and will encounter many everyday problems that will cause anxiety, that’s just a normal part of life. However, there are people who become so affected by these problems that it gives them extreme anxiety which immensely affects their day to day life – this is where it becomes a health and mental problem. It’s not to be underestimated the […] Read more »

Using Natural Remedies And Treatment For Anxiety

Nowadays, people are becoming really conscious about their health so they are more mindful of what they eat or consume. This means more men and women go the natural way in treating certain illnesses. In terms of providing natural treatment for anxiety there are many options that people can choose from. These natural anxiety treatments have their own ways in helping improve our over all mental health.   >>> Overcome Your Anxiety – […] Read more »


Understanding Treatment For Anxiety

Before any kind of treatment for anxiety can be prescribed, your doctor will have to fully assess your condition to determine just how bad your symptoms are. Anxiety can be so debilitating that you won’t be able to properly function from day to day so that’s one of the things that your doctor will be keen about. T here is also particular attention placed on whether or not you are […] Read more »

Overcome Anxiety Disorder

How To Overcome Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders chooses no one, therefore wherever you are, no matter what your gender or nationality is, you can experience anxiety. Having this problem can really affect your way of life. It can take away all the positive thoughts and energy from you and make you feel like you’re not in control of your own life. Instead of you enjoying your life to the fullest, you get trapped in a […] Read more »


Dealing With Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD as it’s better known as, is a common disorder that is characterized by chronic tension, nervousness, and worrying. Unlike phobias where your fears are attributed to a specific trigger, generalized anxiety disorder is more diffused. In simpler terms, GAD gives you a general feeling of unease or dread about everything in your life. The kind of anxiety you’ll get with GAD is way less intense […] Read more »

shyness and social phobia

Social Anxiety Treatment

Social Anxiety Treatment typically involves psychological counselling and medication. However, medications are only usually prescribed when counselling alone is not enough to bring down levels of associated anxiety as well as depression. Combination treatment is best for long-term treatment, addressing fear and generalized anxiety in various social situations. For those who are anxious about only one or just a few kinds of situations, like eating in front of people or […] Read more »