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How To Beat Your Fear Of Flying

The good news is that this is a very common fear, so millions of people have tried various things in order to overcome their fear. The result … many have been cured allowing them to fly to new countries without suffering from that terrible anxiety that can overcome the body and mind. In order to beat this fear you do of course need to begin by understanding that you have […] Read more »

Takeoff Today Program Review

The fear of flying (officially termed “aerophobia” or “pteromerhanophobia”) is a condition that has the potential to significantly hinder an individual’s quality of life. People who suffer from this condition typically experience adverse symptoms such as high levels of anxiety, claustrophobia, panic attacks, etc., when on board an airplane. Others with the condition simply avoid flying altogether, even when the convenience of air travel far outweighs the alternative of travelling […] Read more »

Aerophobia - Fear Of Flying

Fear Of Flying

Aerophobia is an abnormal fear of flying and is also called by other names such as aviatophobia, pteromechanophobia, or aviophobia. It is derived from the Greek words ‘avio’ meaning air and ‘phobos’ meaning fear. Aerophobia is an irrational or morbid fear of being on an airplane or helicopter or any other vehicle while it is in flight. This phobia seeks more attention than many other phobias because it is widespread. […] Read more »